Ravi Zacharias

So I went up to move the table again and I told him: ‘Ravi, I came back to move the table closer to you, so that you can put your Bible on it and rest your back.’ His facial expression changed instantaneously. I saw the relief in his eyes, and his look recovered the same softness I met the first time. Ravi had been all the time doing a superhuman effort to endure the pain, so that he could be close to people and share the Message. You cannot fake something like that. Ravi walks the talk. He lives the grace that he believes in. He gives the grace that he received.

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Eternity cannot be defined in terms of time, because time began to exist with this finite universe. Were we to define eternity in terms of time, we would need to give God a beginning, so that this entity we call God in reality would not be it; instead, it would be becoming more God as time goes by, as in the questionable “process theology.” Eternity must be something different. I […]

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Of Hilbert and Gödel

The question is not whether we have faith, the question is what is the object of our faith. It is the rationality of mathematics what is at stake here, its meaning. But we cannot appeal to mathematics to prove its meaning. Thus, Platonic reality, given its existence, does depend on a bigger and more comprehensive reality, one beyond what is reasonable, one that is the Reason itself.

The pretense to know all things is nothing more than a statement in a tombstone.

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